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An overview of SiteHandler's™ key features and functions including interactive applications, platform independence and easy editing, with links to relevant pages.
The benefits and features as they appear to the user, the functions and features that are automatic
The Showroom page demonstrates the power of SiteHandler by showing examples of existing installations.
How much is SiteHandler™? The price varies according to the level of customization for each install. is committed to ensuring the complete satisfaction of our customers - this means that our responsibility to the customer doesn't end with SiteHandler™.
Add SiteHandler™ to your list of internet solutions. For more information contact Inc. is in the business of building solutions that assist executives and managers of web ventures
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Content Management
Restrict access rights, control work flow, no plug-ins required.
Template Design
Configure pages to assemble links, applications, images, text, and browser based code.

Run Web Applications
Including submission forms, database searches, shopping baskets, and much more.

Platform Independent
ISP friendly SiteHandler™ operates on shared servers under Linux, Solaris, NT, and BSD, using Apache, IIS or Netscape Web Servers.

Track Visitors
The information bar below highlights your session information and shows how users can be tracked through your site.


SiteHandler™ represents the next generation in Interactive Web Sites, a simple and affordable way to manage the growth of any e-business initiative. This modularized software solution lets you add functionality to your web site, at your own pace. Each installation is customized to the highest standards of artistic and functional integrity, and provides many standard features common only to high end developments.

We encourage you to look around and explore what makes SiteHandler™ such a compelling web site solution. From database integration to search capabilities, from "cookie-less" shopping baskets to password protected pages, SiteHandler™ provides the engine and applications you'll need for your online initiative, including our content management system.

Contact us directly at or speak to one of our authorized resellers.

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